through quality materials.

Core Coatings was established as an endeavor to play a part in keeping our planet sustainable for future generations. We firmly believe that any operating practice that does not protect the earth is short-sighted and detrimental to our future as a thriving business. To us, environmental protection is also a personal concern because, like you, we want to breathe clean air, drink safe water, and enjoy the beauty of the forests. Acting responsibly on behalf of the environment is factored into everything we do...


Pounds of plastic sustained
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Pounds of vinyl sustained
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Pounds of metal sustained
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Pounds of ceramic sustained
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Experienced Experts

Our full-service professionals represent expert Coatings Engineers and Account Managers who find the right solutions for end user satisfaction.

Field Coatings Support

Technical support is considered an integral part of our partnership approach. Our Coatings Engineers can assist you in field application to ensure your customers complete satisfaction.

Formula Development

From customer concepts to fully formulated products, we help you create innovative solutions for your customers.

Analytical Services

Services include comparative testing, benchmarking, and quality assurance of raw materials and blends on new solutions.

Custom Coloring

We offer unique chemistry blends with product testing as well as quality and control standards.

Environmental Services

We offer the best solutions to Facility Maintenance Companies who desire to be apart of a National Sustainable Endeavor to ensure end users can enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of our products and services.

Core Portal

We offer access to a searchable database of end user completion.  This portal is interactive and provides a fantastic look at the success of our National Network

Core Forum

The forum provides an interactive community collaboration with other distributors on questions an discussions to provide their customers with great service.